Saturday, December 6, 2014

Final Post !

I signed up for the economics of organizations because I wanted to understand how businesses are structured as I am going to be working in a firm after this year and thought that this could only be helpful. Every excel homework presented a new concept that correlated with what we learned in class. Each excel homework was different and I enjoyed working through all of them. There were a couple assignments that I didn’t get a score because I didn’t understand one of the questions, but I am thankful for the help that the Professor was able to offer and help from the comments section for the excel homework.

Furthermore, with regards to the homework, I was thankful that I was able to choose the topic I would be writing about concerning a certain section of the class that we were lectured upon. I was able to write about my internship at Northwestern Mutual and how that organization was structured, how I was opportunistic when I attended a Cubs game, a piece on my baseball knowledge and how a team is built, one of my favorite posts about how I would use Illini Bucks, how I have been managing future income risk, how my sister and I will participate in cooperative investing, a post on my favorite show 24, another piece about Northwestern Mutual and the principal agent model, and my personal reputation in my fraternity. I enjoyed the pedagogic approach, which correlated the lecture with this online blogging.

I always did the excel homework after my class ended on Wednesday at 4PM, and gave myself a window from 4PM-11PM to turn in the homework. The excel homework takes me around an hour total of searching for the correct answers, but sometimes longer if I had to communicate with the professor to find the answer. The blogging usually takes me awhile, since I try brainstorming an idea and then once I have the topic I want to write about, I make an outline and make sure that it will suffice. After I finish the outline, I type up the paper and read over it once to edit it, and finally post the paper.

This class was structured differently than most. I believe that this is a good thing because different managers in the real world take different approaches to solving problems and we must adapt to find the answer to the problem per the manager’s rules. Just like a manager has rules, the professor’s rules include that 40% of our grade is homework and 60% of this class is exams. I really enjoyed most of the lectures, some I liked more than others. Overall, I am very glad that I took this class, and hope to finish with a B.

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  1. You are the only student who talked about writing an outline for the blogging. I wonder if doing so impacted your writing as follows. People in engineering, in particular, seem to view writing as the last step in a process of learning, where most of it happens ahead of time. The the results part gets written up. People in other disciplines, however, engage in what is referred to as "writing to learn" where ideas are discovered in the process of writing. Its as if thoughts occur to you sequentially, rather than all at once, so writing something down and getting it out allows those submerged thoughts to reach the surface. Your outlines may block that from happening.

    I would also say, that sometimes it seems to me you don't ask yourself whether your theme is tying back to the prompt and the course issues in a good way. The picture you should have is of a circle. That's what you want to be producing. Often your stuff seems more like a straight line. You may have started with the prompt, but then you go wherever your idea takes you.

    I won't comment about the grade aspiration other than to note you are the only student to mention it, though others did talk about the way points are allocated and suggested modification on the current scheme.